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America's Mosiac

The World's Largest Work
Of Digital Art

America’s Mosaic will be comprised of music, art, blogs, dance, theatre, photography, body art, performance art, clothing design, poetry, video, sculpture — all expressed digitally on the net.

America’s Mosaic will be created by hundreds of thousands of "artists". Some artists will be pros, but most will be people who feel the need to express themselves, and would like a larger canvas. All will want to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

America’s Mosaic will be everywhere on the web.Too big to reside in one place, it will spread across the blogosphere, Social Networking sites, YouTube, iTunes and on thousands of personal websites.

Content will be collected and shared on the AM Canvasite using C-CAT technology.

There will be one "major sponsor" with category sponsorships available to others.