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Collaboration Applications
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Collaboration among creatives from different disciplines is difficult on many levels, at a time when demand is growing. Unless the creatives and techies involved have the same version of the same software running on the same type of computer with the same Operating System, it is extremely difficult to swap working files.

While output file formats have been established and are interchangeable, 'working file' formats are often not compatible. For instance, Garageband is only available on Mac. Audio tracks and midi tracks with editor dynamics are not interchangeable between ProTools, Garageband, and other audio software. The same is true for video and flash tracks.

What is needed is cross-platform Open Architecture Production Toolkit which connects creative individuals using existing applications.

C-CAT provides “bridging apps and technology” with sites and servers to allow creative individuals working on different computers, operating systems, and software to achieve the level of collaboration they need.

The first scheduled production will be "Most Wonderful Time For A Beer" followed by "Marilyn The Web Musical" and "America's Mosiac".