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The event was brought to the Cookhouse by KICKS 105.5, the number one Country Music Station in Connecticut.

We ran hundres of promotionall spots with KICKS to increase awareness.

KICKS provided their DJs as MCs, the station's stars. The DJs gave us many on-air promos in addition to the ad buy. KICKS also provided their best sound man audio recording engineer.

C2E brought in Pernod-Ricard liquor brands to give us money, sex, and the latest designer drugs.

We created special drinks and meals featuring their brands. The fan favorite cocktail was the "Strum & Sing Naked" with Absolut Berri Acai, which was so delicious, we had to ban the crew from drinking them until after the performances.

These sponsorships not only provided Big Time credibility to the event, but covered all printing costs.