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CT Star Talent Promo Packages

Attracting The Performers' Fanbases

A key to traffic building, food and drink sales was to maximize the number of the performers' family and friends who showed up to cheer their fave.

For this purpose we created physical Talent Promo Packages which included Announcement cards with coupons on the back. They also included mini posters with links to the YouTube videos.

Talent Promo Packages were also available in digital form on our website.

We created eblasts to both our lists and names collected at the events. We also provided email announcements for the talent so that they could send out professional looking announcements themselves.

We also provided fan table signs and Fan Stickers to wear to support their fave.

All of these were paid for by our participating sponsors and included either their names, logos, or product placement.

These viral efforts accounted for approximately 90% of our attendance.