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John Patrick Gallagher
Creative Director

Gallagher spent years as an NYC agency Creative Director and copywriter, servicing national clients like Miller Beer, Bacardi, Sensodyne, and Chiparoos.

For McDonalds he created what is still considered one of the ten best promotional concepts of all time, The Olympic Medals Game.

On the suit side, he served as the President of the marketing division of Saatchi and Saatchi, then the largest ad agency in the world.

Gallagher’s tech creds begin back when he was a FORTRAN programmer and computers filled huge rooms. Between then and now, he served as President of Cybersapien Entertainment where he was the head game designer — creating patented action video games for the wagering industry.

Gallagher still hand-codes html and steals javascript when prototyping websites.

Gallagher has a huge body of creative work and a few achievements, including... MORE