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Shaq for KFC Global

This Joe Mauro promotion drove sales of KFC 12-piece “Mega Meal” dinners in 14 International markets.

The promotion and lifesized POS capitalized on sponsorship and global appeal of NBA superstar, Shaquille O’Neil.

The promotion demonstrated that if the KFC “Mega Meal Deal" could satisfy a guy with hands and appetite as big as Shaq's....

Mauro and his associates developed “Measure Up” promotional campaign – reflecting Shaq’s “Mega-Huge” image and providing a thematic umbrella for product quality claims.

Mauro created proprietary in-store events, on premise pos, and premiums — life-size posters and basketballs imprinted with Shaq’s actual handprint.

Real premium basketballs were mounted on displays allowing customers to interact with the basketball – stand next to Shaq for a photo, and compare your handprint with Shaq’s.