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Marilyn — The Web Musical

A Collaboration in Time & Cyberspace

The C2E/KKO production of Marilyn will be like a Broadway Musical on the Internet — with everyone, yes, everyone, having an all-access backstage pass, and the ability to contribute their ideas, performances. and critiques.

Marilyn will tell the story of icon Marilyn Monroe, depicted at different stages in her career: the child Norma Jean, Marilyn The SuperStar, and Marilyn at the end of her truncated life.

Utilizing the C2E proprietary C-CAT backbone will allow thousands of creative people (singers, writers, dancers, actors, costumers, videographers, arrangers and critics) to work together in what we hope will be the biggest production in history — and the first Websical.

Co-Producer: Keith Kevan of KKO
Poster Design: Joe Mauro