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tea'd off
face planted
ice creamed
chocolate surprised
freeze brewed
New Positioning For Sensodyne

#1 Toothpaste For Sensitive Teeth

Historically, the Sensodyne target was 40+. The positioning was "dentist recommended."

However, GSK studies showed people in their 20s were as apt to suffer sensitive teeth when eating/drinking hot and cold items.

Our out-of-home campaign was targeted at 20-somethings "at the point of pain" outside restaurants, bars, ice cream shops.etc.

The campaign called attention to both the problem and the solution in a way the target could "feel."

The humorous execution was designed to attention-gettin and to appeal to a hip sensability.

The urge to action was just as contempory for the times.

Concept and copy: John Gallagher
Characer Illustrations: Joe Mauro