The Threat — Environmental Disaster

Its Enemy — Seven Young Eco-Warriors


The Thumpers are college students who become legends defending the environment from the Violators — across the earth, sea, and parallel dimensions.


They are role models for the 13-34 female audience — except for Kilani who is a tatted up, drug dealing, NYU drop-out with a smart mouth that’s smarter than her brain. Turq does have some twisted DNA that causes her to go completely berserk when somebody gets in her face. Jett is like a Gandhi with a black belt, who can't leave her dorm without putting on a disguise. Ariel has been known to IED a fraternity house in the middle of a party, and write an upbeat song about it. Paulina thinks she can do Vulcan mind melds with a Hopi godlet. And yes, Máilí is on the Interpol Most Wanted List. But on the whole, they are really freaking heroic and role-modelish.

The Thumpers Chronicles — A Transmedia Saga


The Thumpers appear in a series of interconnected films, television, webisodes, novels, graphic novels and VR, each telling a different part of a larger story.