GoGreen Machine

What Is the GoGreen Machine?


A Connecticut-based, environmentally focused not-for-profit creating, producing and managing programs and events to create awareness of the current green efforts of Norwalk businesses and to provide reasons to do more.


GGM is a network of businesses. environmental groups, educational institutions, community leaders, energy suppliers, and people who care about the environment 


The parts of the machine can be envisioned as a bus kiosk map of Norwalk showing all the green efforts. All the participants are parts, connecting up together in a Rube Goldberg fun way. Anyone can download the Norwalk GGM app to see the “parts” up close with a video description of what is being done by each business and the environmental benefits. 

What do we want from businesses to be a part of the Go Green Machine?


  • No money or time commitment. 

  • Display our flower logo somewhere on your premises.

  • Pledge to make a short video telling us what you are doing for the environment. It will be used in an augmented reality project and on our YouTube channel. 

John Gallagher

Creator of the GoGreen Machine

Author of the Thumpers Chronicles, John Gallagher’s plays have been produced in New York and Chicago. He has produced at Lincoln Center and written for ABC. He has created sponsorship events, programs, and promotions for American Express, the U. S. Olympics, and the Breeders Cup.

Joe Mauro

Art and Creative Director

Creator of the logo and identity for the Statue of Liberty Centennial, Joe Mauro is a renowned web development, social media, and creative branding designer whose programs have worked for Pepsi, KFC, and Diageo.