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The EcoFurious Artists Foundation is dedicated to fighting new environmental threats before they become imminent eco-disasters. Working with other groups and peeps to create eco-focused art and entertainment. Our first priority is to save an endangered species  — the oceans.


The first project of the EcoFurious Artists Foundation is to raise funds to clear the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. The project will harness the power of the oceanic gyres sand vortex to create a permanent International recycling program. We want to turn the garbage of plastic marine debris into an island paradise, Patch Island.



The Great Pacific Garbage Patch


The Great Pacific garbage patch, also described as the Pacific trash vortex, is a gyre of marine debris particles in the central North Pacific Ocean. The patch is characterized by exceptionally high relative pelagic concentrations of plastic, chemical sludge, and other debris that have been trapped by the currents of the North Pacific Gyre. (from Wikipedia)


High Tech Ocean Cleanup


The Ocean Cleanup Foundation is developing advanced technologies to rid the oceans of plastic. The core of the concept is to let the trash come to you, rather than sending out cleanup vessels.


The main idea behind The Ocean Cleanup is to let the ocean currents do the work. An installation of U-shaped screens channels floating plastic to a central point. The concentrated plastic can then be extracted for recycling into durable products. The improvements involve the introduction of a mobile, or drifting system. Rather than fixing the floating screens to the seabed at great depths, The Ocean Cleanup will apply sea anchors to ensure the floating screens move slower than the plastic. Rather than one massive barrier, the improved, modular cleanup system consists of a fleet of screens.


More information at www.theoceancleanup.com


Patch Island — The Floating City of the Future


The Tech Insider created this video explaining how the Seasteading Institute aims to create autonomous cities that can float in the middle of the ocean. The institute held an architectural design contest for entries that can make their vision come true. One of the winning designs, Artisanopolis, is designed by Roark 3D. According to their design, the city cannot only float on water but travel the seas.


Patch Island — The Floating City of the Future


Our funding model is Newman's Own food company which gives 100% of the after-tax profits from the sale of its products to Newman's Own Foundation which in turn, gives the money to various educational and charitable organizations.


EcoRockers Entertainment is an entertainment company that gives 100% of the after-tax profits from the sale of its products to the EcoFurious Artists Foundation which in turn, gives the money to various ecologically active, non-profit charitable organizations to administer.