We Let People Know Our Not-For-Profits Are The Good Guys.


To create successful campaigns, potential volunteers and contributors need to be made aware of whom the charity helps and how they help those people, and why that is important to the community. 


So the first objective is to create awareness. Next is to elicit an emotional response. To create an “image” for the group that creates the perception that, “these are good guys doing good things. And they need my help.” 


We do that with our advertising, PSAs when possible. These are image ads that elicit an emotional response while defining who this charity is, and whom it benefits.


Then it is all about creating and publicizing the fundraising events and activities “drives” with materials that reinforce the image. We try to do this with sponsor tie-ins so the sponsor pays for the material and promotes the event through their own advertising, social media, and outreach to their email list.

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